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Invacare Rio Bath Lift

An innovative use for the Rio bath lift is in this You Tube Video



Rio Bath Lift

The Rio Bath Lift is a little wonder! The aluminum frame is light weight and easy to clean. The fixed back design provides a simpler, clean design which means there are fewer moving parts. The chair has a comfortable design so, unlike other bath chairs, it does not need a cover to make the bather feel comfortable. This easy to clean bath lift will help you get in and out of the tub easily.

The Invacare Rio Bath Lift is one of the most comfortable and advanced personal bath lift on the market today. Designed to provide a stable and reliable lift every time, this newly designed, luxury lift is not only a bathing aid, it's a bathing experience!


With an innovative and attractive design, and top of the line features, the Rio provides the freedom and independence for anyone suffering with mobility issues.

The modern design and lightweight components allow for easy and stress-free transport and storage, ideal for travel. Large, easy-ready buttons add confidence and control, allowing users to comfortably live with freedom and independence. The Rio Bath Lift ensures users are able to bathe themselves with ease.

The hand control for the Rio is the lightest and the slimmest on the market. It is easily grasped by hands that have lost their strength. A suction cup is provided so you can mount the hand control on a smooth surface. The rechargable battery mounts directly to the seat back. At 52dB(A), this is the quitest bath lift on the market. It will gently raise or lower a person that weighs up to 265 lb.

Sturdy and safe for users of all ages, the Invacare Rio Bath Lift incorporates the newest technology to provide a gentle and smooth ride both entering and exiting the bath. A cost effective alternative to expensive walk-in tubs that need to be installed or built on site, this lift installs in seconds without the need for tools or strain.

With an attractive and functional design, the Invacare Rio Bath Lift is a welcomed accessory for any household bathroom


Rio Bath Lift Features:

  • Installs easily and quickly without the need for tools
  • Lightweight chassis and frame makes for easy portability
  • Easy clean surfaces with no slots or ridges
  • Gently and safely lowers users into the tub
  • Self-release suction cup feet allow lift to be easily removed
  • One-piece backrest stays in place during lift for added stability

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.... My wife loves soaking but ever since her knee surgery she has not been able to get out of the tub. You had the absolute best price, fast shipping and great service.

Home Access Products is a model of how all companies should work. If you sold stock, I would invest!

George W.  Sarasota, FL




For more questions about this product, please visit Rio Bath Lift

Specifications for the Rio Bath Lift


Seat Width w/o Side Flaps:    14.6"
Seat Width with Side Flaps:    28.3"
Seat Depth:    17.3"
Seat Height Max:    17.3"
Seat Height Min:    2.36"
Width of Backrest:    13.8"-15.7"
Height of Backrest:    24.2"
Total Depth:    26.8"
Total Height with Backrest:    40.6"
Base Area:    2.6"L x 14.6"W
Total Weight with Battery:    21 lbs.
Seat Weight:    3.5 lbs.
Backrest Weight:    12.5 lbs.
Battery Weight:    3.5 lbs.
Weight Capacity:    264 lbs.
Color:    White


Bathtub length at bottom   min 31.5 in

Bathtub width at bottom    min 14.2 in

Bathtub depth inside         max 17.3

Bathtub width  at top        max 27.6 in