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AmeriGlide Vesta Stair Lift, AmeriGlide Rave Stairlift


AmeriGlide Vesta         Ameriglide Rave

The AmeriGlide Vesta Stairlifts and AmeriGlide Rave Stair Lifts are really a discontinued model from Savaria called the Step Saver Stair Lift. This model was discontinued by Savaria for several reasons.

1) Installation is difficult and time consuming. It often requires several visits to get it operating properly. Complaints by installers and dealers.

2) Problems with electronics made it unreliable. Complaints made by clients and repairmen.

3) It received several poor reviews by independent agencies such as "Silver Cross"

4) It was rejected by Savaria dealers. Too many people had complaints about the Vest and Rave

5) Savaria replaced it with an all new model.


The Vesta Stair Lift and  the Rave Stairlift use cheaper, less rigid seats than the Savaria model. Despite the name AmeriGlide this model is manufactured in China.


If you plan on doing self-installation avoid this model of stair lift. If you do purchase this model, make sure that the extra cost  installation ($575) and LABOR WARRANTY ($899) are included. Do you have a complaint about the Ameriglide Vesta , Rave, Rubex or other model? Let us know.

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