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Outdoor Stair Lifts 

Have stairs that are outside? Don't worry, there are answers for outside stairs. They come with similar features to indoor stairlifts.


An Outdoor Stairlift is coated with water & salt resistant materials that prevent rusting which makes them ideal for any location. Any parts that aren't covered with said materials are covered to prevent damage from other sources.

Some outdoor stair lifts are best suited to Southern climates and may not work properly in snow or ice conditions. Please consult one of our affiliate dealers to be sure that the machine you get is weather appropriate for your area.

Shop for a stairlift like you would a mortgage or a car. When you request help from us, we provide you with quotes from 3 different stair lift companies. is the only independent referral source on the net. For more information on stair lifts and 3 quotes - Get Price Quotes by emailing us at [email protected].