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Straight Stair Lifts - Part 2

When it comes to selecting a stair lift, one size definitely does not fit all. There are many brands and models of stair lift available. Make sure that you get the right stairlift for your individual needs.

Modern straight stair lifts offer many features:

Swivel seat with fold-up seat and footrest. They fold up as small as 11"

Easy to use pain free controls

Maintenance-Free DC (Battery) power is available. We also offer AC powered stair lifts.

Weight capacities from 300- 500 pounds


Two call / send controls. These let you call the lift to your floor or send the lift to the opposite floor. This is handy when more than one family member is having trouble. It's also great for sending laundry or groceries up the steps  :)

Comprehensive safety systems. If you run into something, it shuts off automatically rather than cause harm.

Super silent operation.

Aesthetically pleasing modern designs. Many models have multiple colors options.

Options: Power Swivel seat. Power folding footrest. Manual folding hinged track and Power sliding track to eliminate the problem of lower doorway or other obstructions.

Shop for a stairlift like you would a mortgage or a car. When you request help from us, we provide you with quotes from 3 different stair lift companies. is the only independent referral source on the net. For more information on stair lifts and 3 quotes - Get Price Quotes by emailing us.

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