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Used Stair Lifts - Part 2

B.      B.  Motherboards vs. None: I’ve seen both pros and cons with both sides on this one. Stair lifts that have motherboards installed are usually much nicer, quieter, and have a sleeker design.

Some of the cons to a stair lift that has a motherboard installed are: The motherboard is usually prone to things that will wear away at it such as dust, vibrations, and static shock. Replacing a motherboard is usually a timely and costly approach… but unfortunately, one that is needed.

Stair lifts that do not have a motherboard installed have a simple design, and although they can be a bulkier machine, they much more than hold their weight [no pun intended] when lined up against their rival. Many of these stair lifts use the drum and cable drive system versus the rack and pinion drive system. Rack and pinions are used much more in stair lifts these days; however, we have had elevators in place everywhere [that use the drum and cable drive system] and are dependable and get the job done since the 1700’s.

Some downsides are that they are much bulkier, noisier, and not as sleek. If you can get passed the aesthetics, they are still a dependable machine.


 C.      The warranty: This is absolutely imperative when you are looking at anything of this caliber.  Make sure there is some sort of insurance or safe-guard in place as part of the whole purchase. Most used stair lifts still carry the manufacturer’s warranty, granted that you have all the necessary documentation as proof of ownership. You may even come across dealers that provide a warranty alongside the manufacturer’s warranty. Although this may be hard to come by, it is worth investigating. When all is said and done, you want to make sure that you are not left up the creek without a paddle.

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