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Harmar Summit Pinnacle



Harmar Summit builds the Pinnacle in the USA. A svelte new stairlift that folds up when not in use. When the Pinnacle’s footrest and seat are folded up, the unit only extends a maximum of 11 inches from the wall, and it's small, lightweight worm drive  helps the chair 75 percent less energy. 


The Pinnacle stairlift is a helical drive system with a modular gear rack that is only 11 inches thick when folded. The seat is height adjustable and swivels when it reaches the upper landing, making it easier to enter and exit. Safety sensors stop the lift when the lift meets an obstruction on the stairwell. Other features include: •    A removable key lock. It is changeable from right to left and can go up stairwells up to 70 ft in length.

The slimmed-down Pinnacle stair lift ensures easy access for everyone in the home.

For decades, stairlifts have helped older individuals and those with mobility limitations safely overcome staircases that would otherwise represent almost insurmountable obstacles. However, stairlifts themselves can then become an obstacle for other people who need to use the same staircase.
Keeping that in mind, Harmar Access has released the Pinnacle, a svelte new stairlift that folds up when not in use.
“One of the things about stairlifts is that consumers can often find them intrusive, and that they take up a little more space on their stairs than they want them to,” says Sarah Penix, business development manager for Harmar. “They want to have a stairlift and be able to use it, but they don’t want it to be an obstruction.”

Small on Size, Big on Usability
When the Pinnacle’s footrest and seat are folded up, the unit only extends a maximum of 11 inches from the wall, Penix says. “Without a doubt it is the narrowest in the industry by at least 3 to 4 inches,” she adds.
A key component to the Pinnacle is its helical worm drive system, which Penix says is the “narrowest in the industry.” Because the helical drive keeps five teeth on the track at all times, the Pinnacle provides a smooth ride with no jerking or bumping, and is light on maintenance. It requires no lubrication as it is self-lubricated, which makes it easier to keep clean and maintained.
The light weight and small drive also help the chair to use 75 percent less energy than a typical lift, Penix adds.
While the slimmed-down stairlift folds up small and rides on a narrower track, that does not diminish its carrying capacity. The standard Pinnacle can carry up to 350 pounds, like Harmar’s other stairlifts, according to Penix.
Length is not an issue for the Pinnacle, either. The track comes standard at 16 feet, but comes in lengths up to 70 feet. The chair is non-handed, so the rail can be mounted on either side of the stairs, and since the chair arrives on the rail, the provider doesn’t have to touch the chassis during installation


  • Simple installation
  • Installs on either side of staircase
  • Mounts to the stairs – not the wall
  • Travel up to 75 feet
  • Anodized extruded aluminum track is factory cut to fit your stairs
  • Track only takes up 7.5” of staircase and chair folds to 11” from wall
  • Wireless remote call/send controls
  • Constant-pressure controls stop the lift the instant you release the control
  • Limit switches automatically shut unit off at the top and bottom of the stairs
  • Safety sensors on foot rest and chassis stop the lift should it contact anything on the stairs
  • Wide, comfortable seat swivels at top landing for safe and easy enter and exit
  • Safety switch prevents lift from running when seat is not in proper position
  • 350 lbs capacity
  • Choice of four colors
  • DC operated system capable of up to 40 trips in the event of a power outage
  • Smooth starts and stops
  • Warranty: 3 years – component parts;
    1 year – Battery; Lifetime – gear rack;
    labor not included
  • Made in America!

Specification drawings


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 Pinnacle folds to 11.25" - Perfect for narrow stairways.