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Harmar Summit Pinnacle
Harmar Summit SL350 DC
Harmar Summit SL350 AC

Harmar Summit Pinnacle Stair Lift. Harmar Summit SL350 AC Stairlift Harmar Summit SL350 DC Stair Lift Harmar Summit Outdoor Stair Lift


Harmar Access recently purchased the Summit Stair Lift company. Harmar Summit Lifts are sold under a variety of brand names. The newest model, the Pinnacle is only sold by full service, installing dealers. The Harmar Summit SL350 AC, DC and outdoor models can be self installed or installed by a dealer.

Summit Lifts began a two-year project to design a stairway lift that would be without equal in terms of safety, reliability, maintenance, comfort and flexibility. A lift we could build in our own facility from scratch – reminiscent of days when things were done the right way. No shortcuts. No cheap substitutions.

The result: the SL350, a lift that has the longest standard warranty in the industry and the only lift requiring no maintenance for the duration of its warranty. A lift so durable that it has a warranty unmatched in today’s market. A lift made in America the traditional way.

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