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Rental Programs for Stair Lifts 

Rentals are an excellent option for stair lifts because of the flexibility they provide by allowing you, the user, to set in place a pre-determined amount of time that you will be using said equipment. Or, if you would like, it allows you rent the equipment for an indefinite amount of time. Either way, it allows, for a margin of adjustability based on your needs and or current situation.

While rentals apply to straight stair lifts and ramps if necessary; they do not apply to curved stair lifts or outdoor ramps as these are custom made for that purpose. Some of the reasons people typically rent stair lifts are: a family member is in town and has mobility restrictions, the person that needs this is sick or injured and will only need it for a short time, the person that needs this has a terminal illness and there is no telling how long you will need it for, the list can go on and on. Whatever the purpose for renting a stair lift, there are companies that will accommodate almost any situation or circumstance that should happen to arise.


Usually for a rental, one thing that is a pre-cursor to renting is an evaluation of the staircase first. An evaluation does several things for the installers: it allows them to see firsthand exactly what they are working with, it allows them to take exact measurements, answer any questions that you may have, and be able to identify exactly what equipment would work best and at what cost.

You will find that many companies have several options available for renting. The two most common rental programs you will come across is short term stair lift rental and long term stairlift rental. Short term rental is anything that is going to be a month to several months. Long term rental would be a pre-determined amount of time, usually ten months or longer. Both rental programs usually require an installation and removal charge, a refundable security deposit, and the first month’s rent. In addition to all of that you will be required to sign an agreement form as well as other similar forms that are designed to protect you, the buyer, and the person or business leasing the equipment.


Once you receive the evaluation, look over estimates, decide on a rental program that best suits your needs, and agree to a rental, you will then have to set up an installation date. Installations are typically going to happen during the day between the hours of 9 am and 5pm. Anything after hours or on the weekend will be assessed an overtime fee to cover the cost of gas, equipment, and paid employees. So, it’s best to go with something during the day hours between Monday and Friday. Once you have your installation date in motion you will receive a call prior to the arrival of the installers. Once they arrive they will install your stair lift… this process can take anywhere from an hour to two hours depending on the complexity of the project. During that time the installers will go over the proper paperwork with you, explaining everything as they go, as well as going over the specifics and mechanics of your rented stair lift.

After installation is complete, papers are signed, and money changes hands… you are then ready to begin your rental journey. Some people prefer to have a celebration in honor and recognition of having your mobility and independence back… others choose to reflect quietly the joys of the rented stair lift in the confines of their own home. Whatever type you are, I am sure that you will be very pleased and satisfied knowing that you have the flexibility and comfort of a rental program.

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