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Acorn Stair Lifts is getting better, according to the BBB


The Better Business Bureau reports the: 

Number of Acorn complaints processed by the BBB
    in the last 36 months:

    in the last 12 months: 17


Considering the volume of lifts sold by Acorn in the US, this indicates a very high level of customer satisfaction for their straight stair lifts.


This is a marked decrease over past annual reports and the BB rating for Acorn has increased to A-.

Most of the complaints seem to be about the

  • Acorn Curved Stair Lift

  • Installer Issues

  • Overcharged

  • Sales practices

Problems that existed on the Superglide 120 model a few years ago have been addressed and it has become a very reliable straight stair lift for indoor use.


We recommend this machine for self installation. With a few simple hand tools and 3-4 hours time, the straight Acorn 120 is easily installed. Many dealers charge $500 for this installation and then use poorly trained subcontractors.


Another issue was feeling "Pressured" by high commission sales people. Avoid pressure by shopping for this lift online.

Prices on a new Acorn Superglide can vary greatly. One source has them for $1799.






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