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Stair Lift Brands

There are many different brands and models of stair lifts. Each of them posses attributes and characteristics that make them individualistic while at the same time similar. The type of brand that you will ultimately end up with will be determined by the amount of research that you put into it. There are several different factors that go into each brand that will help in determining your choice, some of those are: type of warranty, where it is manufactured, the cost, reviews on the actual machine, and whether or not it will work will the stair layout that you have. We will discuss the different types of brands and models of stair lifts and what each of them has to offer. We will rate the brands and models with a star system (5 stars is the highest rating) ie:

Some of the variations that are common today are AC and DC power systems, tracks that are straight or curved. Some models are indoor or outdoor. Drive systems available include elevator type, rack and pinion, chain drive or worm gear.


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